Our Ad Hoc Curriculum

VPMA ad hoc program is focused around seven pillars. These seven pillars are a foundational premise for our scholars to become well rounded individuals. Find out more details about our ad hoc program curriculum.

Education & Scholastic Achievement


The quest for scholastic achievement begins in elementary school where children learn basic reading, writing and math skills. Mastering these skills is a scholastic accomplishment in itself, but they also provide a firm foundation for future academic accomplishments. Scholastic accomplishment is particularly important in high school because a child's academic record partly determines whether he/she can go on to pursue higher education -- and if he/she can attend the college of her choice.


VPMA believes obtaining an education is important in order to compete in job markets. We encourage all of our scholars to seek higher learning opportunities rather college or post secondary trade schools. We aim to put our scholars on a path where their future are limitless.


Health & Recreational Enhancement


VPMA strives to educate youth on health and nutrition through interactive and informative activities. Our staff work with local organizations to develop community-focused events through which youth develop positive perspectives on health and nutrition, and learn to make healthier choices focusing on fitness, health, and safety.


VPMA Foundation's health, nutrition, and fitness programs help youth understand the importance of eating right, physical fitness, being active and practicing good hygiene. Mastering these basic health principles place young people on the right track to managing their long-term health.

International & Cultural Enrichment


When kids learn about other cultures, it helps them understand and feel engaged in the world. They become interested in how other people live, their cultural norms and values, different religions and languages. It helps them see the beauty of different cultures and appreciate the differences and similarities in how we and others live.


VPMA believes as our global world becomes more interconnected thanks to the Internet, travel and immigration, knowing about different cultures is an asset. Youth and their families will be introduced to foods from various countries around the world, engage in their dress, language, beliefs, and customs.

Political Awareness & Activism


VPMA's believes in the potential of inner-city youth to build healthier and safer communities and schools. Therefore VPMA trains urban youth and their families to be community organizers. Our programs are based on the belief that urban youth represent a valuable, untapped resource and can significantly contribute to the rejuvenation of neighborhoods, national/local institutions, and even the world.


We are eagerly achieving this thru dialogue, debates, hands on activism, and teach the basis for being a well-informed citizen capable of critical thinking. These are essential in developing scholars ready to take on 21-century politics and media manipulation

Employment & Economic Empowerment


VPMA provides services, opportunities, and support to help youth and even their families acquire and keep long-term employment, so they can better support their families and become more financially self-sufficient.


VPMA program offers workshops to help members of our community improve their finances, and in turn, their lives. It is our belief that when we help remove individual barriers to the accumulation of wealth, everyone benefits with a community that's stronger and more prosperous. VPMA staff provides practical knowledge, guidance and support that equip the people in our community to do just that.

Community Outreach


VPMA is a premier volunteer organization that offers our members the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with others who are unified by a desire to give back to our community.  Through the talents of a diverse membership we will support and enrich the lives of children and families in our community. We strongly believe in our motto: Together We Can Make A Difference!


Our commitment to participate in at-least one service opportunity a month is a foundational basis to our belief in giving back to the community in which we live.

Strengthening Parental & Family Relationships


Strengthening parental and family relationships are one of the core values of VPMA Foundation. Direct parental involvement helps our organization fulfill its mission. Our program– particularly its mentors, coaches, administration, and curriculum – is designed to support parents in achieving their academic and social goals for their children. We believe, as parents gain knowledge and confidence, they add their own personality, creativity and experience into the education of their own children and to the community at large. Therefore, our youth, schools, and community are all enriched by parent contribution.