Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that every single question can not be answered on our website. But we have taken a few of the typical questions we receive and placed the answers to them below. Should you have any further questions not listed below please feel free to contact us via email at

How can I get involved as a volunteer?

There are various ways to get involved as a volunteer with VPMA Foundation. For specific details feel free to visit the Volunteer headline tab or click here.

In what ways can I support VPMA Foundation?​​

You can support VPMA by dedicating time. Time to mentor or even share our website and social media links to others who can benefit from our programs. Financially you can make a donation, or even purchase a variety of merchandise bearing our logo. i.e. t-shirts & our benefit cds.

How can I become a member of VPMA Foundation and Team Step It Up?

Our VPMA Youth Ambassador program consist of a highly competitive selection process, however anyone can become a member of VPMA Foundation if you are truly about embarking positive changes in the community. For specific instructions feel free to contact us directly at 504-223-4939.

How do I start a Team Step It Up branch in my city?​​

To start a branch in your city contact our national office and request our startup packet. This packet will give step by step instructions on how to successful organize and implement a VPMA Branch or club in your area.

How can I keep updated with the latest from VPMA Foundation & Team Step It Up?

You can keep updated with us by visiting our official website at as well as following us on Facebook at and as well as Twitter at and