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Strengthening parental and family relationships are one of the core values of VPMA Foundation. Direct parental involvement helps our organization fulfill its mission. Our program– particularly its mentors, coaches, administration, and curriculum – is designed to support parents in achieving their academic and social goals for their children. We believe, as parents gain knowledge and confidence, they add their own personality, creativity and experience into the education of their own children and to the community at large. Therefore, our youth, schools, and community are all enriched by parent contribution.


The Parent Ambassador Program is designed to provide resources & build a community support group for parents. We provide opportunities for parents, teachers, our staff, and mentors/coaches to participate in partner project groups. These groups get together to discuss topics involving school policy, various parenting techniques, and training opportunities for parents to achieve their own personal goals.


Additionally, Members of the Parent Ambassador program will: ​


  • Engage with other parents to foster connections and build partnerships 

  • Assist with outreach to current and prospective families

  • Participate in broadening and deepening relationships in support of strengthening child-parent dynamics

  • Represent the parent perspective regarding the college experience

  • Provide insights on how VPMA can assist parents in  achieving goals

  • Help plan, organize, and attend various  workshops that encourage parent-child participation

  • Serve as a community resource to provide information about our initiatives

Parent Ambassador Program