Our Media Arts Curriculum

Children do well when families do well, and families do better when they live in supportive communities. Therefore Visionary Philanthropic has a wide variety of curriculum guaranteed to spark the interest of any individual. We specialize in media and entertainment however; we also place a high emphasis on education, community service, and parental involvement.



This course offers a blend of lectures, dance interviews, and demonstrations. While the focus of the course will be on choreography, other relevant areas will be included such as aesthetics, theater, architecture, music, and world dance forms.


Areas of study will include:

  • Dance history & Aesthetics

  • Music and dance

  • Themes in Dance

  • Manipulations in the craft of dance

  • Dance criticism

  • Creative Process

  • Basic understanding of the body mechanics of alignment, strength, flexibility as relative to dance


Recording Production


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Mobile DJ


In this course scholars will learn thru powerpoint slides, guest speakers, and  participate in hands on demonstrations that cover the following topics:


  • The history of Disk Jockeying (DJ) & its founding fathers

  • DJ terminology

  • How to setup equipment & software

  • Various techniques which include: scratching, cueing tracks, beat matching, mixing, transforming, crabbing, using a cross fader, cutting and stabs.

  • How to profit from Disk Jockeying (running a mobile DJ business)

Photography ​


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Videography ​


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Vocal Coaching ​


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Modeling ​


In this course scholars will learn how to demonstrate poise, style, and grace. In addition, youth will learn:


  • Understanding the ins-outs of modeling

  • How to walk with confidence

  • Portfolio composition

  • participate in actual fashion shows

  • be partnered with a photographer for photo sessions

  • learn the ends and out of how to prepare for a casting call

  • learn how to get signed to a modeling agency and much more



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Song Writing​


In this course scholars will understands the importance of melody and metaphor. He/she should also learn the following:


  • song construction

  • alliteration

  • rhythm and timing

  • knowledge of publishing actual works

  • be granted opportunities to perform actual work in front of a live audience

  • be granted the opportunity to record in a physical studio

  • meet actual song writers and attend songwriter sessions



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